Come and explore the world of Elemental Perios. You might just learn something.

Elemental Perios

Elemental Perios is a high energy, multi-level quest game that incorporates accidental learning. It’s a video game kids will love and parents will encourage them to play. The goal? Helping children learn the basics of chemistry, providing a strong foundation for recall when they finally reach that high school chemistry class.
Kids soak up a ton of information from the games they play. What if those useless facts, like character names and special powers, could be replaced with useful, educational information? What if a video game was so fun, kids don’t even realize they’re learning?

With your help, we can build this new Elemental Perios universe.


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A Whole New Universe

In this new universe, the Elemental Explorer is all alone...or so they think. As the Elemental Explorer discovers this new and beautiful world, it will be forced to interact with friends and enemies alike. Each character is called a Perio. Each Perio harnesses certain powers and characteristics, just like an element in the Periodic Table of Elements.

In the world of Perios, each character is fundamental to the Elemental Explorer’s survival, just like elements are fundamental to life on earth.

Meet the Perios

The Elemental Explorer can capture Perios, just like they would catch a Pokemon, and use them to create certain reactions, like an explosion, a jet stream, or a battery charge. Because these reactions are made possible because of each Perio's elemental characteristics, each interaction will teach the player a little more about chemistry.  They won’t even realize it!

Elemental Perios Memory Game



Help Us Build The Elemental Perios Universe

After building two Perios mobile games and multiple physical exhibits in children museums, the Elemental Perios team is ready for their biggest challenge yet: an entire Perios universe.

With your help, we can make this educational dream a reality for all children. Not every family can hire an early learning tutor or book their kids into a science summer camp, but the beauty of technology is that it makes learning more accessible. Help us help kids learn.

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